How do we treat your car?
As though it was our own, every time..

Our aim is to retain the authenticity of your Porsche. From a technical perspective, we use all the factory build specifications and procedures.

All work on your vehicle is carried out in accordance with our usual exacting requirements regarding quality and the genuine character of components. It is also precisely documented. With any complete restoration, you will receive a high-quality book containing all documentation of the work carried out on your vehicle.

Our offerings also include partial vehicle restoration, or engine and/or transmission restoration.

At Dobsportscars we cater for all Porsche Classic models, from the 356 all the way up to the Porsche 911 (Type 993), Porsche 911 (Type 996) or Porsche Boxster (Type 986)

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to getting to know you and your classic Porsche.